Calculating ROI for Rotimatic – The Robotic Roti Maker

The Rotimatic product video looks incredibly cool and saves time spent on making the chapati dough and preparing the actual chapathi on the pan. Just feed it with wheat flour and water. Chapathi comes out at 1 chapathi per minute.

Here is the product video I found on Youtube:

I was wondering whether it makes sense to buy this machine due to it’s high cost ($999 or AED3600 or INR68,000)

Let’s do the math.

Cost of Rotimatic: $999
Time spent in making a Chapathi: 1 hr per day (breakfast+dinner)
Assuming an nominal ballpark cost per hour of labor for me/wife: $15 (which could be spent on other productive things)
Total number of hours to get return on investment: 67 hours
No.of days to reach return on investment: 67 days or 2 months and 7 days. (@ 1hr/day)

Assuming that this thing comes with a 1 year warranty and works perfectly for approx 2 months straight, then the return on investment would be achieved.

9/10 – would buy!


Rotimatic, Image credit: Mashable

Too bad that they are now fully booked, I have made a preorder enquiry though. Hoping to get the invite for purchase soon. Visit Rotimatic website for more details.

PS: Reading through the article looks like it’s a sort of paid endorsement. I clarify that it’s not and there is no association of any kind between Rotimatic and me, except that I love the concept of this robotic roti maker!